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Two-Tone T6: Campervan Conversion Case Study

Two-Tone T6: Campervan Conversion Case Study

In our latest collaboration with Lancaster Volkswagen, we transformed this lovely long wheel base VW Transporter T6 into a beautiful two-tone T6 Campervan with a spacious and functional living area. We added some laid back classic surfer vibes to go with the Tiffany blue paint, which has resulted in a campervan that is both cool to look at and tranquil to spend time in.

The Base Vehicle

The Volkswagen Transporter T6 was the canvas for this project. The vehicle had done a modest 45,000 miles and was in good shape. Renowned for its robustness and adaptability, the long-wheelbase version offers a spacious starting point for campervan conversion projects which is why it is often the vehicle of choice for VW campervan conversion projects. This extended space is vital for accommodating all the amenities essential for an enjoyable campervan experience.

As with all our Lancaster Volkswagen collaborations, our first job was to strip the van down and get the base vehicle in ship shape before adding our own Redknot Axis Utilities kit and matching furniture set. We completed the strip out addressing any wear and tear and had the van sprayed in a two-tone Tiffany Blue and White to give us a starting point for the conversion theme.

Exterior Transformation

With its eye-catching two-tone colour scheme, we decided to pair the van with a set of painted stainless steel wheels rather than going down the sporty alloy route. The wheels have a matching two-tone paint scheme and also have VW logo inserts. This gives the van a bit of a classic look, makes a statement and adds to the van's charm and personality.

In addition to the styling we also added External Water Tanks (38L Fresh, 21L Waste) with discretely mounted fill and drain points, which allows more if the internal space to be usable. A 240V Hook Up Point was also discretely located behind the badge on the front grill.

Interior Conversion

For the interior, we kept to our standard conversion principles; Build something that’s functional first and then add a bit of style!

  • Functional Layout: We carefully designed and customised the interior layout from our own CAD furniture files, putting functionality, accessibility and storage at the forefront. This layout includes a well-placed rock n roll bed, a compact kitchenette, plenty of storage options, and a versatile seating area comprising the swivel seats in the front and the seating bench/bed at the back.
  • Quality Materials: Ensuring the longevity of a campervan is of utmost importance when picking finishing materials. We always pick materials that we know can handle a good adventure and real world events, so they don’t just look the part but provide long term benefits to the campervan owner. To this end we fitted the van out with furniture made from a quality laminated ply and a hard wearing vinyl floor.  
  • Kitchenette: The kitchenette features a dual gas stove, a 50 Litre 12V LG Compressor Fridge, a Thetford Topline 2 Burner hob & sink unit with running hot & cold water, and ample storage for cookware and provisions. This setup provides everything needed to store, prepare and cook a variety of meals, (and clean up afterwards!) making your camping experience more enjoyable.
  • Comfortable Bed: A good night's sleep is paramount to having a van you can enjoy spending time in and using for multi day adventures. For this conversion we used a Rock N Roll bed which we had upholstered in matching leatherette to the front seats. The bed folds flat from a bench seat into a padded and comfortable bed, ensuring that you wake up refreshed and ready to explore. An additional sleeping area was also installed within the Pop Top roof making the van perfect for a family or friends camping trip.
  • Seating Area: The seating area is a versatile space that can be used for dining or relaxation. The front bench seat is in a swivel so can be turned round to face the living area and a fold out table allows the kitchen to be turned into a dining room for serving food and drinks.
  • Electrical Systems: We integrated a reliable electrical system, via our own Redknot Axis conversion kit. This system includes a 115 Ah fully sealed AGM leisure battery, Victron Bluetooth connected battery protection and monitoring and a CTEK Dual Input charger providing Battery to Battery charging when driving as well as option for hook up to a solar panel via the integrated MPPT solar controller. In short, it’s got everything you need tobe power independent and fully informed as to the state of your setup at all times.


This Two-Tone LWB T6 Campervan conversion is not merely a van with added amenities; it's a home on wheels, designed to enhance your adventures and simplify your camping experiences. For those looking for a campervan that combines aesthetics, functionality and a strong sense of style and personality, this Campervan is an ideal choice. If you’re in the market for a campervan conversion and like what you see then contact the team at Redknot Campers and we’ll be happy to talk through some options with you.

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