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Ford Transit Custom: Campervan Conversion Case Study

Ford Transit Custom: Campervan Conversion Case Study

We recently completed work on a full bespoke Ford Transit campervan conversion that was truly special. Most of our customers have campervans that they use to get away at the weekend or for extended holidays on the road. But this conversion was for a customer whose campervan is both her home and her office! Katie works as an adventure photographer, which sees her travelling to far flung destinations armed with her camera and her campervan.

As a result we felt a responsibility to design and build something that was both a warm, cosy and comfortable home, but also with the power, connectivity and space to work from and be creative. Oh, and we obviously wanted it to be a little bit photogenic too :)

Requirements for a home on wheels

When a campervan is always on the road, and with the need to connect and recharge photography equipment wherever it lands, it was important to ensure that we considered both self-sufficiency and comfort to support this nomadic lifestyle. Katie needed a compact, yet functional, living space that could accommodate her photography equipment, provide a comfortable sleeping area, and offer a cosy and creative workspace for editing her beautiful photography.

This posed a number of design challenges:

  • Maximising storage: Given the limited space in a Ford Transit Custom, we had to be creative in designing storage solutions for both camera gear and personal belongings. Ensuring that spaces were sufficiently sized to store large items and also safe and secure to house valuable photography equipment.
  • Multi-functional spaces: The campervan needed to seamlessly transform from a productive workspace to a living room and bedroom without compromising on comfort or functionality. So when the work is finished, the space can be transformed into a relaxing room, perfect for unwinding.
  • Solar power setup: Finally, to ensure Katie could work and charge her equipment off-grid, and also have enough power for some luxuries after work, we integrated a robust 250W solar power system into the design.

Our Bespoke Conversion Solution

Charging Station, Ford Transit Custom Campervan

  • Smart Storage Solutions: We designed and installed custom CNC-builtcabinets and shelving to make the most of every inch of available space. Dedicated compartments for camera equipment, a foldable workspace alongside hidden storage under the bed for paddle boards to keep things organised.
  • Sleeping in comfort: Due to the space constraints, the bed doubles up as both a work space and seating area during the day. We installed a bespoke 100mm memory foam topped mattress to ensure that we made the space as comfortable and multi-functional as possible.
  • Solar Power Setup: To cater to Katie's need for off-grid capability, we equipped the campervan with a full Victron electrical system, incorporating a 250W solar system, B2B charging and a 1200W inverter . This allows Katie to charge camera batteries, laptops, and other devices in the most remote setting without the need for shore power
  • Custom Interior Design: We worked closely with Katie to create a personalised interior that reflected her adventurous spirit and personal tastes. From the colour scheme, to ambient lighting, to the choice of materials, every detail was carefully chosen to make her feel at home on the road and even includes a giant CNC cut world map as a custom design element to make the conversion truly unique.

Picture Perfect Results

Ford Transit Custom Campervan Interior

The converted Ford Transit Custom campervan now serves as Katies adventure ready mobile home and office. With a thoughtfully designed interior, loads of storage, and the capability to run off-grid for extended periods. The van perfectly aligns with her nomadic lifestyle and personality and allows her to embark on extended photography assignments, capturing stunning landscapes and telling stories from the road.

CNC World Map Campervan Interior

At Redknot Campers, we take pride in crafting bespoke campervan conversions that not only meet the practical needs of our clients but also reflect their individuality. It was a pleasure to bring Katies vision to life, and we look forward to helping more people explore the world in comfort and style.

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